"Everyone knows that the standard of care is not enough.  I want to give my patients the best personalized treatments out there. Store My Tumor helps them collect and cryopreserve their tumors, and later on search for the best science and right trials"

                                                                    oncologist, NY

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Storing your tumor alive opens doors to the latest in science and research that otherwise would not be available


"It’s been 8 months and I’m totally disease-free. It’s so good to have my life back again.”

My TUMOR Kept me alive 

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​"Beyond tumor storage, the education I received from Store My Tumor about cancer vaccines and clinical trials was worth every penny!

I didn't get that from my doctor. I feel so much better prepared to fight this.  I am just not ready to leave my daughter."

​Marcia, an ovarian cancer patient and her daughter, Ann

  1. your tumor is like a fingerprint that holds important information unique to you about how to fight your cancer and prevent recurrence.
  2. your tumor can be used for innovative treatments like a cancer vaccine  (a type of immunotherapy) that fights the residual cancer cells that remain after surgery, chemotherapy and radiation, and fight ones that develop in the future. A cancer vaccine has no side-effects because it targets cancer cells, but spares healthy cells. 90% of our clients use their tumors for cancer vaccines.
  3. your tumor can also be used to test chemotherapy efficacy (sensitivity) in the lab rather than in you.
  4. your tumor can be used for genetic sequencing to determine information unique to you. 
  5. your tumor can be used to make innovative treatments that helps you extend time in remission. these treatments compliment the standard care and not replace it 

​Each cancer patient is unique, yet standard cancer treatments are one-size-fits-all and don't always work.  Store My Tumor opens the door to fully personalized cancer treatments for proactive patients.